The Pros and Cons of Screenwriting Competitions: Are They Worth the Investment?

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Screenwriting competitions have long been touted as a gateway for aspiring writers to break into the film and television industry. These contests promise exposure, recognition, and even the possibility of landing a coveted industry deal. However, with entry fees often ranging from twenty dollars to over one-hundred dollars, many writers question whether the potential benefits outweigh the financial investment. In this article, I’ll lay out a few pros and cons of participating in screenwriting competitions and help you determine whether the competitions are truly worth the cost of entry. Just remember, at the end of the day, the choice is yours.


Possible Industry Exposure

One of the significant advantages of screenwriting competitions is the potential for your work to be seen by industry professionals. Reputable contests often attract agents, producers, and working screenwriters to attract submissions from around the world. This is especially helpful if you are not currently living in Hollywood. Therefore, winning or, at the very least, placing well in such competitions can increase your script's visibility and provide precious opportunities to connect with influential individuals. These connections could potentially lead to further career prospects down the road and give you a leg-up on your competition.

Validation and Recognition

Earning recognition in a reputable screenwriting competition can be a powerful validation of your skills as a writer. It makes all the hard work and time spent typing away seem worth it. Mentally, this can be invaluable. Moreover, accolades and awards can bolster your credibility as a writer. This means you’ll stand out as a proven talent among thousands of other screenwriters. Recognition can also serve as a stepping stone to gain access to mentorship programs, writing fellowships, or representation by agents. Agents are often more likely to take notice of award-winning scripts, so if you have won a competition, make sure to mention this in your query letter.

The Option for Constructive Feedback

Many screenwriting competitions will offer valuable feedback from industry professionals, judges, or experienced readers for an additional fee. This feedback can be instrumental in honing your craft, identifying areas for improvement, and enhancing your chances of success. Constructive criticism provided by experts can serve as a valuable learning opportunity, allowing you to refine your script and grow as a writer. Just know that the more prestigious the competition, the more expensive this coverage is likely to cost.

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The subjective nature of judging scripts can be frustrating for many writers, especially when you’re paying to have it placed in a competition. While competitions employ various judging criteria and panels with diverse tastes and preferences, there is also the chance your reader might just not “get” your material. Consequently, even a well-crafted script might not resonate with a specific set of judges and hinders its chance of success. It is this subjectivity that can sometimes overshadow the overall credibility and fairness of any given competition.

High Competition Volume

Screenwriting competitions attract an overwhelming number of submissions, making the odds of winning slim. This can be disheartening, especially considering the time and effort invested in preparing and submitting your work. The sheer number of scripts each reader is required to read makes it even more difficult to have your screenplay stand out from the rest and keep your reader interested and engaged.

Financial Investment

Most screenwriting competitions require an entry fee, which can vary significantly depending on the contest's prestige and reputation. These fees can quickly accumulate, particularly if you enter multiple competitions throughout the year and purchase the additional coverage when it is offered. For aspiring writers on a tight budget, the financial burden can become a barrier to entry, limiting their ability to participate in these competitions.

While screenwriting competitions present both benefits and drawbacks, their worth ultimately depends on individual circumstances and aspirations. For writers seeking industry recognition and exposure, the potential benefits of winning or placing well in reputable competitions may outweigh the costs. Moreover, the validation, feedback, and networking opportunities provided can significantly accelerate one's screenwriting career. Nonetheless, it's crucial to exercise caution and conduct thorough research before entering any competition. Evaluate the competition's reputation, the caliber of judges, and the prizes being offered. Choose competitions wisely and focus on those that offer the best value for your investment.

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