Collection: Coverage Services

What is coverage?

Coverage is the analysis and review of a screenplay’s characters, plot, and overall quality of writing. Coverage is a standard tool used by agents, production companies, and studios to quickly summarize the merits of film and television scripts. 

What is included in coverage? 
Standard coverage includes several key elements. The first page will include general background information on the writer and screenplay such as the name of writer(s), title, page count, genre, logline, box scores, and final recommendation. The box scores contain “Poor” to “Excellent” ratings for premise, characters, dialogue, concept, and scene structure. The final recommendation is used to determine the overall quality of both the writer and screenplay and is listed as Pass, Consider, or Recommend. 

  • Pass: The reader believes the writer and/or screenplay misses the mark in most areas such as those which appear in the box scores. This recommendation generally implies that a production company or alternative entity should not move forward with the script. 
  • Consider: The reader believes the writer and/or screenplay shows potential with strong showings in the several key analyzed areas such as those which appear in the box scores. However, this rating also acknowledges the presence of significant problems that must still be addressed before proceeding to production with the screenplay and/or writer. 
  • Recommend: The reader believes the writer and/or screenplay is strong in all analyzed categories and is ready for production. 
  • With/Without Reservation: This term can be included with Consider or Recommend ratings based on the reader’s perception of overall quality. “With Reservation” implies the need for caution when proceeding to production as an acknowledgement that some elements of the script should be addressed. 

The following pages of coverage include comments and/or notes on key areas of the screenplay which were previously rated in the box scores as well as additional observations made by the reader. Comments will include actionable suggestions on the improvement of the screenplay as well as pointing out the strengths of the writing. 

Why is Coverage Important?
Coverage allows you an objective third party look at your screenplay and provides valuable and actionable insights. These insights provide the opportunity for the writer to examine what areas of their work need the most improvement. This can save the writer time and headaches during any future rewrite.